Interview: Brooders

Written by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

30 Sep 2018

SlantedPress caught up with Leeds-based Psych Grunge trio, Brooders. I interviewed lead singer Adam Bairstow to find out more about the band’s direction and their latest music. While Brooders have recently debuted new music, we were interested to find out how the band formed. “Brooders was a culmination of all of us sharing a desire to play riff driven floaty psych-y grunge music,” Adam tells me. “You have to really be a fan of your own sound if you want to be passionate about what you’re doing. We had all previously been in bands that we weren’t too happy with and coming together and playing together just felt natural. So, I guess you could say we all inspired one another to become the Brooders we are today”.

Brooders (Ian Cheek PR)

With their grunge sound rivalling against popular music, I ask Adam if he ever worries about having to compete with mainstream music in an effort to be heard. “I think with the stage we’re at currently, even getting onto a platform where we can be heard by the masses would be a beautiful thing,” he explains. When speaking about the challenges an upcoming band faces, Adam draws on how competitive the field of music can truly be. “I think the problem arises more from trying to break out of your own scene more so. It’s often the case that a certain ‘sound’ takes hold in every city and trying to push that sound elsewhere is such a challenge.” Although it might be a challenge, Brooders seem ready to give it a go, or as Adam puts it, “we’re up to the task!”. It becomes clear that Adam is self-aware of the industry and what it takes to break into a certain genre. “In terms of mainstream though… It’s never been a concern or desire for us to be top of the charts or writing music that doesn’t feel natural. If it happens, it happens” he tells me.

We all might be used to seeing bands and artists coating covers of magazines and billboards, but we have to remember they all start somewhere. Just like any upcoming band, it must be quite the challenge to break into such a saturated industry. I ask Adam what he and the band consider the greatest challenges they have faced. “I think developing a loyal fan-base has become more and more challenging in today’s climate. The scene at the moment is so full of amazing bands that being able to set yourself aside from that is such a challenge,” he says. “In terms of the challenges though, I’d say the financial side of things is the trickiest. In an ideal world, money would grow on trees and Butch Vig would be around every corner begging bands to record with him. But sadly, to rehearse, record, promote and merchandise anything nowadays is becoming rapidly more expensive”. It’s no surprise the cost to create music is on the rise. Not to get pushy, but if you ever needed a reason to support your local bands – it’s this!

Moving on to the band’s music, Brooders have kept us all waiting. Just last year they released a self-titled mini album but since then, the band have been awfully secretive about any new music, so I bite the bullet and ask them about it. “SPOLIERS!?” Adam replies in light humour. “Nah, we’re not about to give anything away. But I can tell you that an album/EP won’t be out by the end of 2018 I’m afraid… That doesn’t mean we’re not gonna drop anything though… Patience is a virtue.” Well, there you have it. We’re all going to have to wait and see what Brooders bring us. However, Adam might be keeping all secrets hidden but the band are putting new content out there. The band recently released a single titled ‘Resurface’, so I ask Adam about the meaning behind it. “‘Resurface’ is about the need and desire to break out of negativity. However deep and soppy that sounds we like hiding the message within our metaphors,” he explains. “The verses talk about the dark and twisted mentality and possibilities that come through with the feeling of hopelessness, whilst the choruses reinforce the idea that you’re drowning just out of reach of air. The title ‘Resurface’ comes from the need to be breathing again and feeling like you’re alive once more. Twisted, dark, moody, cynical, it’s all that and more, but with a view to inspire change.”

With the interview drawing to a close, I ask Brooders about their upcoming tour. "Before the year is out we’ve got a few lined up" Adam tells me. So, if you want to catch Brooders live, check out their upcoming tour dates below: October 10th // Leeds // The Lending Rooms October 19th // Nottingham // Rough Trade November 3rd // Manchester // The Peer Hat

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