SlantedPress Branding

Last Revised: Feb 10 2019

The following outlines the SlantedPress branding. While this page is here to help you get started, all uses must be approved by SlantedPress.

By making use of the SlantedPress brand, you are agreeing to the terms laid out in our Terms and Conditions



Using the logo


When using the full-color logo, the logo should not be smaller than 28dp in height. When using the monochrome logo, the size should not be smaller than 24dp in height.

When using only the full-color logomark, the icon should not be smaller than 28dp in width and height. Whereas if the monochrome logomark is used, the minimum width and height is 24dp.


The SlantedPress logomark and logo should always be surrounded by a safe-space without extra imagery or text.

The amount of space required around the logomark and logo is equal to half the width of the logomark.