Interview: Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic

Written by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

14 Sep 2018

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Stand Atlantic are a band that need to be on your pop punk list. I caught up with the band’s lead singer, Bonnie Fraser, to talk about their move to a new label, their debut album and much more.

First off, congratulations are in order. Stand Atlantic recently signed to Hopeless Records. I asked Bonnie how it felt to be signed to a label with such an esteemed reputation. “Thanks! It’s exciting, scary and lovely all at the same time,” Bonnie tells me. “Hopeless is one of those labels that, when we were all first getting into alternative music growing up, had all the bands you looked up to so being able to say we’re actually part of that roster now is surreal.” With the label representing the likes of Neck Deep, As It Is and many others, it’s quite an achievement.


If you hadn’t heard already, Stand Atlantic recently announced the due release of a brand-new album, Skinny Dipping. With such a unique name, I question Bonnie what the inspiration behind the album title was. “I’ll try and keep this short and concise,” Bonnie laughs. Basically we’d written a couple songs for the album and I was noticing a common theme of vulnerability with them - but it was too early to commit to a title because the whole album wasn’t even written yet - so I was just tossing around little ideas in my head that were relating to that overarching theme of like vulnerability meeting freedom and the idea that you can’t really have one without the other,” Bonnie explained. “So, Skinny Dipping just sat as a note in my phone for like 6 months and once the whole album was done it still fitted with the rest of the songs, which surprised me. We just all agreed it perfectly summed up the record as a whole. I think we also liked the fact that it’s somewhat of a weird thing to call an album and maybe it’ll mean people will be more intrigued to actually listen to it haha.”

In anticipation for their debut album, Stand Atlantic recently released their first single, ‘Lavender Bones’, which was quickly followed by a music video showing Bonnie challenging the norm. I asked Bonnie about the concept and the meaning behind the artful video. “Thanks a lot! The concept of the video was essentially based off what the song was written about - just trying to conform in a certain way and not expressing how you feel just because you don’t want it to affect someone else, putting your feelings second basically,” she tells me, “So, we got together with our team and the videographer, Adrian, just tossing up ideas relating to that concept and it just kinda evolved from there.” Besides the band’s exciting announcement about the album and recent single, Stand Atlantic released a killer six-track EP in 2017 called Sidewinder. With the time between the EP and upcoming album, I ask Bonnie if the time between both projects enabled the band’s style to evolve. “It’s definitely evolved but it hasn’t strayed” Bonnie admits. “We’ve just progressed more, pushed more boundaries and focused on just writing good songs that mean something and are fun to play and what we would want to listen to.”

Stand Atlantic

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Stand Atlantic, you’re in luck because the band are about to kick off a UK tour supporting State Champs later this year. I ask Bonnie how she’s feeling about the upcoming tour and if she’s excited to play the dates. “We most certainly are excited. The UK is probably our favourite place to play if I’m honest. We 100% will be playing some new songs yes haha.” It’s not my first time hearing about Stand Atlantic’s singer, in fact, I came across a few of her covers online, specifically a cover of ‘Dial Tones’ by As It Is and, my personal favourite, ‘How You Are’ by The Story So Far. The covers got me thinking whether the band ever played covers on tour and if Bonnie had a favourite cover song to play live. “We used to play covers, but we don’t anymore really unless there’s a reason,” Bonnie tells me. “They are always fun to play though especially at small intimate club shows. I think the favourite song we’ve covered would be ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley. Might whip it out again one day... maybe” Bonnie laughs. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping I get to see them play ‘Party in the USA’ or a bit of The Story So Far on tour!

As the interview draws to a close, I ask Bonnie a few final questions. Stand Atlantic have toured with some pop punk icons but I’m curious to know which band Stand Atlantic enjoyed touring with most. “We have been very lucky yes haha. I think so far it’d have to be Roam - we did our first overseas tour with them and we just got on so well and became close and it’s just always such a wholesome time hangin’ with them.” Last of all, with the tour coming up and Skinny Dipping dropping soon, I ask what’s next on the list for the band. To no surprise Bonnie replies simply with “even more touring haha. We’re always just gonna write the best songs we can and play as many shows as possible.”

Skinny Dipping* is out October 26th, 2018.

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