The Story So Far: ‘Let It Go’ Review

Written by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

21 Jul 2018

The Story So Far are back. The California pop-punk quintet have returned with a greatly anticipated lead single, ‘Let It Go’. ‘Let It Go’ is our first real insight into the band’s release of their upcoming full-length album, ‘Proper Dose’.

It has been three years since The Story So Far’s release of their self-titled album, and as a whole, it was an undeniable success. ‘The Story So Far’ was an inventive push on the typical sound the band had crafted throughout ‘Under Soil and Dirt’ and ‘What You Don’t See’. Their last album took the intensive hooks, fast-paced drumming, and Parker Cannon’s emotive shouting to a whole new level. Instead of a typical anger-fuelled album, we were met with a more mellowed, reflective band. ‘The Story So Far’ was undoubtedly a brilliant album, but it’d be interesting to see how the band has matured musically and as individuals over the last three years.

The Story So Far

Besides the latest single ‘Let It Go’, the progression of The Story So Far has been limited. Fans of the band were treated with a surprise release of the single ‘Out of It’ in 2017, but since then it’s been mostly radio silence and the occasional cryptic tweet from the band’s account. However, change is coming! The Story So Far’s latest single is a game-changer. It’s clear the band have been working on reinventing the The Story So Far’s typical sound and it’s all evidenced in the new single.

I’ll be honest, ‘Let It Go’ wasn’t what I expected. Instead, I presumed the lead single would be a little more intense and aggressive, but the band already gave us that with ‘Out of It’. In retrospect, ‘Out of It’ felt like the perfect meld between the ‘Under Soil and Dirt’ and ‘What You Don’t See’ eras. Instead, ‘Let It Go’ is a more relaxed, thoughtful single. Following the single’s lyrics, artwork, and new sound, I’d go as far as guessing ‘Proper Dose’ is a concept album focusing on personal progressions and possible pill related issues. This might seem like a premature guess, but Parker Cannon has never hidden away from disclosing truths about pills, stress, and coping with personal relationships in his lyrics. With the new single racking up over 50,000 views in a just a few days, it is clear fans are highly awaiting new music.

If a new single and new album aren’t enough then you’re in luck, the good news doesn’t end here, The Story So Far are embarking on an 8 date UK headliner tour with Citizen and All Get Out, so there’s a lot to get excited about.

You can find the tour dates below:


5th Oct - SWX, Bristol
6th Oct - O2 Forum, London
7th Oct - O2 Institute, Birmingham
9th Oct - Beckett SU, Leeds
10th Oct - Garage, Glasgow
11th Oct - Riverside, Newcastle
12th Oct - O2 Ritz, Manchester
13th Oct - Engine Rooms, Southampton

Tickets for the UK/EU tour are available now!

You can check out ‘Let It Go’ here:

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