Interview: Like Pacific

Written by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

17 Sep 2018

SlantedPress caught up with one of the most exciting Canadian bands in pop punk, Like Pacific. We asked the band’s guitarist, Greg Hall, a few questions about their latest album, In Spite Of Me and much more.

It’s no secret that Like Pacific are a Canadian band, but I was curious to know whether the band’s roots affected their venture in becoming noticed in the alternative scene. It seems being from Canada had an ever slight drawback; “It’s definitely way harder to breakout and make a name for yourself.” As a follow up, we asked Greg how he’d describe the band’s music. Put shortly, Greg replied, “head to anywhere you listen to music and listen to our new record, In Spite Of Me to get a taste of what we’re about for yourself”.

Band: Like Pacific

There’s no doubt the album has a typical pop punk feel to it and I was intrigued to find out how the band’s music taste helped shape the record. “We all have an eclectic taste in music and that definitely plays a part in the influence of our music,” Greg tells me. “However; personally, bands like The Starting Line and anything out of that Drive Thru Records era is me in a nutshell haha.” Since the band’s debut album in 2016, there is definite progress in the band’s approach to music and lyrics. I ask Greg how the writing process for this album came about. “We all pour everything we have into the writing process and Jordan (Jordan Black, Like Pacific’s lead singer) pulls very personal experiences from his life. I’m sure it’s a very cathartic experience for Jordan”. I made no effort in being discreet when I told Greg one of my favourite songs off the album was ‘Has It Coming’. Interested to know the meaning behind it, I asked him about it. “That song is about an awful human being from Toronto. He can go to hell,” Greg put simply. Out of all the answers from the interview, that was probably my favourite.

When comparing the band’s debut album to their current release, Greg seemed in agreement that the band has evolved alongside their music. “100%! The writing/recording process for Distant Like You Asked was definitely far more rushed than it was for In Spite Of Me. We got the opportunity to take the time we wanted/needed and really put out the record we intended to.” Distant Like You Asked might’ve been rushed, but it was a solid debut, however In Spite Of Me offers an undeniable maturity. Also, one of the stand out strengths of this album is the blatant emotive honesty, so if you’re looking for some punchy emo pop punk, you should give Like Pacific a try.

With Like Pacific making quite the name for themselves, the band signed to the iconic alternative label, Pure Noise Records, in 2014. Pure Noise is known for hosting some of the coolest alternative bands around like The Story So Far, State Champs, Seaway. I ask Greg if Like Pacific had ever considered collaborating or touring with any others off the label. “The only band we haven’t toured with out of those is The Story So Far... let’s go!”. With the interviewing coming to a close, I ask a final question on whether what we can expect to the Like Pacific. “We’ve got a US headliner with Roam coming up and you can bet that you’ll see us very soon in the UK.”

So, there you have it, Like Pacific are currently on tour in the US, but in the mean time you can check out their latest album, In Spite Of Me.

Watch Like Pacific's video for 'Had It Coming' below:

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