News: Pagan release new video for 'Imitate Me'

Written by Celeste Adams

09 Nov 2018

After the release of their debut album Black Wash, blackened Rock & Roll band Pagan dropped a music video for one of the leading tracks, ‘Imitate Me’. Ahead of their UK/EU headline tour, Celeste Adams takes a deeper look into the band’s latest music video.

The only thing distracting from the dark tone of the setup is singer Nikki Brumen’s dancing - a feature that is already setting the band apart from other heavy metal bands. By injecting her own personality into the video, Brumen introduces a sense of powerful femininity, something much needed to begin the breakdown of the testosterone fuelled stereotype that has hung over the metal genre.

One of the most striking things in all of Pagan’s recent music videos has been the inclusion of their band logo - an inverted cross shaped candle. Whilst not done in the subtlest way, the haunting presence of the image across their visual work does give the band a sense of consistency; which translates to the consistent high quality of the music they’ve been releasing.

With a minimalistic use of lights to create the atmosphere, it’s clear that the band want their music to be the star of the show. Whilst some may find the lack of variation from flashing blue and purple lights slightly lack lustre, the simplicity helps to introduce the band’s aesthetic without overloading the senses. It’s an exciting instalment and an excellent introduction to what to expect from the new album.

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