Album Review: Drug Church - Cheer

Written by Glynn Aiden Bailey

20 Nov 2018

Hailed as a “glorious contradiction”, Drug Church are attempting cross-genre domination with their third studio album, Cheer.

Hailed as a “glorious contradiction”, Drug Church are attempting cross-genre domination with their third studio album, Cheer.

The controversial new album marks a change in direction that has left some old fans questioning their loyalty. Drug Church have sheds off their hardcore shell for a softer grunge-pop underbelly, whilst still keeping the screaming of course.

Do not fear though, Cheer is not all sunshine and rainbows. Progressing through the album, it is evident the songs are still dark and intimate. Songs like ‘Strong References’ reflects on lead vocalist, Patrick Kindlon’s, time as a nude model at the age of 20, whilst ‘Avoidarama’ includes subjects of suicidal thoughts, distress, and self-harm. Following lyrics like “I’m here and I’d rather not be,” and “I’d rather end it/ Few seconds I’m out/ Find an oven, stick my head in/ I’ll let you know how it ends” offer a powerful insight into the inspiration of the song, and album more generally. Throughout the album, the band are also transparent about their struggle with money in Cheer and are not afraid to put forward lyrics like “Two months behind on rent now/ Smile broad and they forgive you” detailing the band’s struggles and hardships with adult life. 

Though this album dials down on their usual heavier sound, Cheer is an album that can still appeal to long-time fans who, if give it the chance, can enjoy the frank and emotive lyrics reminiscent to the band’s origins. Moving on, ‘Unlicensed Hall Monitor marks a drastic sonic change with a greater focus on the music. Scaled back lyrically, it left the band a chance to compensate with a clash of instruments that creates this bizarre other-worldly sound, perhaps the side effects of a more money fuelled sound production.

All in all, we recommend you give Cheer a listen. It might not be perfect, but it’s a valiant, emotive attempt.

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