Album Review: Young Culture - (This Is) Heaven

Written by Melissa LaGrotta

11 Jan 2019

If you’re looking for a band to get into for 2019, Young Culture’s EP, (This Is) Heaven, definitely needs to be on your playlist. I’ve had it on repeat for days.

Living in Upstate New York gives you a lot of insight on music that’s going to blow up eventually, and a band that’s been ready to blow, one that everyone in my local scene has been telling me about, is pop-rock band, Young Culture. State Champs’ frontman, Derek DiScanio, has definitely been pushing for this band from the get-go, featuring on the track ‘Bedroom Floor’ from Young Culture’s first mini-album, You, giving them hype from a strong contender in the scene. The hype is totally justified too. Young Culture have opened for every hometown State Champs show since they came onto the scene, as well as for a few other big-name pop-punk acts like Real Friends and Knuckle Puck. They aren’t just a cheap imitation of State Champs though. I’ve, personally, watched Young Culture grow so much over the years, and they have potential to become one of the bigger bands. Sure they use similar styles to the older State Champs EPs, but in a cleaner, more refined way, which is fitting for 2019.

Their upcoming EP, (This Is) Heaven, is sure to give you classic pop-punk vibes, but Young Culture has been redefining the genre because they don’t want to be limited by being “just another pop-punk band.” They have been keeping fans on their toes with what they’re going to do next, like with their mixtape released under the abbreviation ‘YC’ which is nothing like the band released before, and which helped sharpen their song writing skills for this new era of Young Culture.

For me, (This Is) Heaven is definitely a breath of fresh air to the scene. The track that stuck out to me the most is ‘Breathe It In’, the song gives me a bit of hope for what’s to come in this genre. This isn’t a completely new style, but Young Culture did it in a refreshing way with attitude and spunk, lyrically and musically. The guitars and the beat of the song just make you want to dance and sing. ‘Breathe It In’ gives me hints of nostalgia but leaves me ready for what’s to come, and it’s fitting for this to come out so early in the new year to give some new hope.

Young Culture never fails to give me this hope either, I’ve seen them quite a few times myself, living an hour away from the band’s hometown. The first time I saw them in 2016, the band had incredible energy and an exciting stage presence, despite being young and not quite used to the spotlight. Moving ahead 2 years into the future, seeing them again just a few days ago, they’ve grown so much as a group. The energy has amplified, the stage presence is still as exciting, but the band as a group feel so much more comfortable in themselves. I went from being the only person knowing the words to their first mini album, You, to being one of many singing along in the crowd as they opened for State Champs’ holiday hometown show just weeks before their EP drops.

Rating: 4/5

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