EP Review: Dodie - 'Human'

Written by Megan Stanley

22 Jan 2019

Singer-songwriter Dodie Clark has come along way since uploading her first YouTube video in 2011.

Nearly eight years later, dodie now has over 1.7 million subscribers and has just released her third studio EP, Human. The seven-track masterpiece is soulful, eerie, and enchanting, blending electronic elements with beautiful strings and wonderful vocals, this EP demonstrates the best of dodie. Human is the perfect soundtrack to a chilled afternoon with a cup of tea - especially if it’s raining and cold outside. 

The EP opens to ‘Arms Unfolding’ which establishes a haunting tone from the first note. The lone acapella voice sings of letting someone back in to love you again: ‘I hope I’m not tired of rebuilding because this might take a little more.’ Is the narrator speaking to a person or is this self-love that's being explored? Whatever debate this might have is futile, this track highlights the poetic nature of dodie's lyrics and gives a beautiful taster of what is to come.

The second song, ‘Monster’, is definitely a standout moment of the record. With a catchy drumbeat and layered vocals, singing at octaves lower than dodie herself, we could even assume the musical composition is alluding to the track titled monster. combining masterful lyrics with strong music composition, there's no doubt 'Monster' is the most ambitious track on the EP. Built on anger and regret, we're supplied lyrical imagery that aids us envisioning the narrator turning into a monster after upsetting another. If you tune in to any track on this EP, I would recommend this one.

Evidence of dodie’s growth into a fully-fledged musician is her collaboration with Lewis Watson and Tom Walker on tracks ‘Not What I Meant’ and ‘Human’. It's easy to skip over the former, with the soft vocals almost becoming an issue when passive listening. It's so calming and relaxing that you almost forget it exists. However, on a closer listen the song talks about the negatives that feature on the path to gaining a following as a musician: 'will I have built an empire or a f'king mess?' The lyrics are beautifully sad, and it's. a shame that it can so easily be missed without that more concentrated listen.

‘She’, which was released as a video on her YouTube channel in 2014, has finally made it as an officially released song. Since it’s YouTube debut, ‘she’, has been a favourite of mine. The track feels warm, soft, and pleasant, it reminds me of my teenage years and fills me with nostalgic longing.

Ultimately, Human is dodie’s best EP yet. Each song explores a new story and the lyrics are intimate and honest. It's easy to see the story dodie herself is telling but can easily be moulded to fit your own experience and emotions. 

Next month, dodie will be embarking on a European and UK tour where she will be concluding in London's Roundhouse, which is already sold out.

Edited by Zoya Raza-Sheikh |


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