For the Record, Cameron you suck

Written by Jonny Evans

04 Aug 2019

I was walking back from work the other day when, to my horror, I saw a poster promoting David Cameron’s new book For the Record in Waterstones’ window. Now, whilst I’m not against politicians cashing in on their failings, this book--and particularly the title--irked me. Frustrated and annoyed, I went home and jumped on the internet for more information.

For the Record is marketed as Cameron finally breaking the silence about what truly went on during his premiership. This sees Cameron explaining “how the governments he led transformed the UK economy while implementing a modern, compassionate agenda that included reforming education and welfare, legalising gay marriage, honouring the UK’s commitment to overseas aid and spearheading environmental policies.”

Apparently, this section is covered on page 17 with the words “we didn’t”.

Whilst I’m sure we are all (not) interested in how Cameron’s government didn’t lead on the above, the real selling point of this book is the EU referendum and don’t worry For the Record delivers on this. Promising to “provide, for the first time, Cameron’s perspective on the EU referendum and his views on the future of Britain’s place in the world in light of Brexit. Revealing the battles and achievements of his career, For the Record will be an important assessment of the significant political events of the last decade, the nature of power and the role of leadership at a time of profound global change”.


I mean, the arrogance to truly believe that the British public would be interested in buying a book defending Cameron’s time in office and why he thought it was a good idea to call a referendum. Let’s not forget that without his sign off there wouldn’t have been a referendum or the subsequent political crisis we are now in.

With this in mind, let’s outline Cameron’s ‘achievements’ so they, too, can be put on the record:

• Homelessness reaching an eight-year peak

• Cutting the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s budget

• Promising to create a ‘Big Society’ and then enacting austerity

• 19% year-on-year rise in people using food banks

• Implementing the hostile environment policy

• Betting British stability on getting more votes from Eurosceptic conservative voters

• Fucking off when the going got tough

These are just the topline ‘achievements’ of Cameron’s time in office. His premiership must and always be remembered as elitist, divisive and ultimately catastrophic. Although other people may have been the architects of Brexit, never forget that Cameron was the trigger man.


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