Written by Seline Natour

26 Aug 2019

FUKC a British-French duo have released their debut EP Je Suis Meh as a taste for discovery.

FUKC, a French- British duo who developed their borderless connection through exchanging their individual music compositions, have released their EP Je Suis Meh this July.

Though a duo that are not bound by a singular genre title, for myself the EP seems to be a collection of indie funk tracks that can be seen to be related to the likes of artists such as Bad Child and The Palms. However FUKC bring more of a kaleidoscopic- feel good atmosphere to the world of Indie rock.

The first single from the EP to be released in May this year- 'Ride', was a taste for discovery and a small glimpse into the spectrum of vibes created by the EP.

Je suis Meh Album cover from @fukcband on insta
All things 90s mischief

FUKC are a revolution in the Indie- Funk scene. The only way to describe their EP Je Suis Meh is to close your eyes and imagine all things 90s mischief. The EP comprises of 8 tracks, including an Introductory track and their 'One Of Us Has Never Been To Turkey' Interlude. Although every track allows for a different experience, the EP is a clear glimpse into the duo's distinctive style- fast paced drums and a marvellous focus on instrumental compositions such as a beautifully heavy bass which can be mostly noted in their single 'Ride'.

@fukcband on insta
Encapsulates you in a trance of ultimate relaxation

Although my current description of the EP has you imagining a composition of tracks that are mostly upbeat and heavy, my favourite track on the album has to be 'Not My History'. One of the more mellow tracks on the EP, 'Not My History' encapsulates you in a trance of ultimate relaxation and for me almost takes you back to a time of utmost solitude. I think this is due to the soft melody and clear instrumental notes which just leave you at ease.

If there is one thing that you take from this review, let it be known that Je Suis Meh should be at the top of your current Feel Good playlist for this summer and I promise you won't be disappointed.

You can find FUKC's Je Suis Meh on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music now!


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