Gig Review: Barns Courtney

Written by Luke Brennan

11 Nov 2018

Barns Courtney @ The Make (Photo: Luke Brennan)

Following a few technical difficulties, the night kicked off with an excellent set from Glasgow’s very own Stephanie Cheape. While Cheape did well to keep the crowd going, it wasn’t long until everyone was waiting for Courtney to show.

Courtney made a great impression at The Maze. The venue was packed with fans and visitors alike creating an energetic atmosphere for the sold-out show. Out of the songs performed, stand out tracks from his debut album, The Attractions of Youth, were well received by the crowd. Particular hit-songs like ‘Fire’ and ‘Glitter & Gold’ were performed with captivating energy that truly reflected Courtney’s passion for his music. As the set continued on, it seemed the atmosphere within the small venue only continued to increase and Courtney channelled endless energy throughout the set. Aside from the music, Courtney continued to establish a relationship with the crowd cracking the occasional joke and interacting with fans throughout. However, it was the final song which made the show a stand-out performance. While performing, he requested the crowd to crouch down to their knees while he took the microphone and placed himself in the middle of us all and as soon as the song began, Courtney he asked everyone to start jumping, which was a brilliant way to get the crowd going for a final song.

Overall, if you have the chance of seeing Barns Courtney live – we recommend you do it! A night filled with impressive vocals and contagious energy, it’s a show you wouldn’t want to miss. That said, we totally recommend you check out Stephanie Cheape too.

Edited by Zoya Raza-Sheikh |


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