Interview: Baby Chaos

Written by Melissa LaGrotta

05 Dec 2018

Slanted Press chatted with Baby Chaos' lead vocalist Chris Gordon about the band's upcoming album, Ape Confronts Cosmos.

Baby Chaos, the Glaswegian rock band, have been making moves on the music scene since the 90s. After the band’s 17-year hiatus, they returned in 2015 with the album, Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me the Glory. SlantedPress caught up with lead vocalist Chris Gordon to talk about all of the exciting things the band have coming in the new year.

With 2019 just around the corner, it looks like Baby Chaos are gearing up to an explosive start to next year. SlantedPress ask Chris how it feels to have a fresh start on the horizon. “As creative beings, this is really the essence and the main motivating reason for presenting as a band,” he tells us. “The drive really comes from knitting new things together and pushing myself and my bandsmen to stretch our limits.”


From what Chris tells us, it seems the band, and himself, are ready for the release of their exciting new album, Ape Confronts Cosmos. Intrigued by the title, we ask Chris about the inspiration for the title, in which he shares that the name came from a podcast, “It was an off the cuff remark that Sam Harris (American author) made in conversation on his podcast. I pricked up my ears at it as it encapsulated perfectly the daunting task we face as evolved apes trying to figure out what this all is. It can be exhilarating, humbling and scary all wrapped up in a ball of confusion with occasional bursts of insight and inspiration pockmarked with periods of peaceful contemplation.” Learning that the name holds a deeper, evolution-based meaning gives you a little more to think about instead of just casually disregarding the name.

Unlike their previous album, Ape Confronts Cosmos is much different than Skulls. “We had a backlog of songs, maybe half the album that had collated over a number of years. On this occasion we had zilch, and no idea how long it might take to come up with enough good stuff to qualify as an album,” Chris explains. “I would say this was a very different challenge, although of course the most common one among all recording artists. The hope is that once the process begins, the floodgates open and you channel whatever inspiration throws your way.”

Before the release of Ape Confronts Cosmos in early 2019, the band has two shows lined up in December in Glasgow and Dundee. As Baby Chaos are Glasgow natives, we had to ask if the band felt that it was important to play a hometown show before their new album. They gave a very honest answer, “really, it's just easier than traveling further afield, even Dundee is a stretch,” Chris laughs, “I am sure there will be many more gigs in the first half of next year. Once the album is out in the world, we will head down England way and probably do a few things in France too.” Chris also hinted that there will be “a fair number of new tracks getting aired”.

Ape Confronts Cosmos is out early 2019.

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