Interview: Dominic Wolf

Written by Melissa LaGrotta

17 Jun 2019

Dominic Wolf discusses being a one-man band, his original sounds, and what's on his playlist

Dominic Wolf is an independent artist who takes the stage as a one-man show. From writing to producing to playing; he does it all. ‘Some things are easier being on your own - I don’t need to wait for anyone to show up to practice - I can make music whenever I want without having to wait for anyone’ He does admit it can make it a little lonely sometimes, being your own critic and having no one to bounce ideas around with. Wolf admits there’s a future with a live band, but he still loves doing it all himself in the DIY fashion and musically, it’s rewarding to have his hard work pay off this way.

Using original and creative sounds like salt and pepper shakers, spray deodorant, and nearly everything in his house, Wolf believes in making music he wishes was out in the world. 'It feels like I’m doing something completely new.’ He finds the fun in running around and creating sound by hitting and shaking whatever he finds compared to scrolling through thousands of samples. It creates a more defining sound and brings music to life while recording rhythms and soundscapes to limit himself to his surroundings.

Wolf has just released his alluring single ‘4 A.M.’ off his upcoming EP, Feed My Brain. ‘4 A.M. was written in his sleepless nights when most of the world is shut off and Wolf’s brain switches on. Pondering on things he doesn’t have the time to think about during the day, the song nearly wrote itself.

The Feed My Brain EP is due out later this year and Wolf narrowed it down from around sixty songs to the four that most represent his current sound and direction. The name comes from how deeply we need to dig to feed our brains in today’s world. The excitement is flowing through Wolf as he has not released an EP since 2014’s Masks.

The world has already heard the tracks live, but Wolf is ready to share the recorded versions. Wolf packs most of his home studio to bring to the live stage while working with looping on his guitar and vocals and playing with pads and keyboards.

Wolf also shared the latest inspirations on his playlistI, including Still Woozy, BC Camplight, The National, Palace, Otzeki, and Island. He also has a playlist called ‘Wolfpicks’ with his favorites. Wolf also shared he will be coming back to social media a little more frequently to connect with fans.

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