Interview: Madison

Written by Melissa LaGrotta

31 Jul 2019

Madison has been described as the reigning queen of New York's indie-pop scene, Slanted Press had a few seconds to chat about her success, politics, and her own record label.

Madison’s been featured on NBC’s Good Girls and Fox’s Proven Innocent with her tracks “Work It” and “Baller,” so of course, she had to share the excitement. Madison feels incredible about her success – “Not only do you earn money as an artist/songwriter/label to keep the project afloat but there is also a psychological component – it validates your work. So, it's no longer just you and your friends’s someone outside of your circle saying this work is good enough. It is also a way to reach new fans if it is featured in a way that connects with people.”

Having an eclectic sense of style, Madison wants to make noise. With the branding of “Noise of Madison,” she wants to make whatever she wants – “Any sounds, any noise, any genre. Even political. I AM MAKING NOISE!!” Madison’s political stance even flows into her songs – like Hillary Clinton running for President on the track “Hustle.” Madison also incorporates female empowerment into her music because she’s “fighting for that equality which I touched on in my singles ‘Baller' & 'Work It’ too.” Madison’s latest track “Sky High” also touches on empowerment and lifting yourself up past the bad times. Madison said she was feeling down, and this was how she lifted herself up, “It was a start to finish roller coaster of emotions that ends on a high note. I also wrote it in the winter... so it was a way for me to talk myself through what can be a very dark period, for those who know, know.”

Madison does it all, she really makes all the noise. She self-releases on her own G Records – giving herself extra work, with a payoff that cannot be matched. “I always like to think of why I started my own label...because no one would sign me, so I signed myself! Nowadays everyone can release on their’s very democratic. Having your own label is a lot of work but it also gives me a lot of freedom. There is no one pressuring me to release anything, so it all comes down to you, so that is good and bad, it requires motivation. At the end of the day I am responsible for how everything rolls out ... so if anything goes wrong it is all on me!”

Being New York’s indie-pop queen, Madison has a different point of view – “the grind, the work that it takes to make things happen. The pace is fast so you never feel like you can just lean back. It can be exhausting but exhilarating and, in that way, a constant source of inspiration.” Of course, the flashy queen fits right in New York.

To give you a little summer fun – Madison even shares a playlist with you for inspiration and celebration!


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