Interview: The Faim

Written by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

26 Feb 2019

The Faim are a band to watch. Slanted Press caught up with drummer Linden Marrisen and guitarist Samuel Tye to find out more about their Nottingham show, and much more.

Cramped in the back hallway of The Bodega, the band and I got to talking about how The Faim came together. ‘The "faim" actually means hunger in French. We were playing with the word faim and that really connects with us because of our hunger that drives everything we do; the hunger to succeed, the hunger to better ourselves, in everything that we do,” Linden replied.

From figuring out a title to establishing a dedicated fanbase, The Faim’s success has only grown. I ask the band what that journey has been like. Again, Linden is quick to respond. “It's absolutely incredible! Just to be here in Nottingham where we'd never played a show before and to almost sell out the venue is something we've only ever dreamed of doing.” Sam Tye also agrees with his bandmate, “three months ago, we were around the UK and Europe supporting, and now we're doing a headline tour here. It's just unbelievable, how much support we get around the world.”

"It's amazing to see those familiar faces and get that connection with the people that support us."

Following the recent release of the single ‘Fire’, I ask the guys if they can give us a little insight into the meaning behind the song. “It’s everything you put into what you do. That burning desire. It's what you're working towards, and the sacrifices you make when you're working towards your goal,” Linden tells me. “You put yourself into that mindset, you have tunnel vision when you're working on something you believe in, that requires every piece of attention, it's easy to forget about what's around you. That's what the song's about — starting that journey.”

With a new single, it’s pretty clear the band are hinting at bigger things. In an attempt to get more information I put the questions to Linden and Sam but all I get are a couple knowing laughs and a simple “there'll be more releases to come!” from Linden. Even the suggestion of a track list doesn’t make them budge but, again, Linden promises “there's a lot of things coming” and nothing “really set at the moment, but there's a lot of stuff in the works”. So, fans of The Faim, it looks like there’s more music on the way.

Aside from the tour and possible new music, I ask the band if they have any other plans. “More touring, more music!” Linden replies excitedly. “Just, keep doing what we're doing and hope that it grows and people come back to the shows. I feel like The Faim has a long way to go.”

A couple opening acts after the interview, The Faim took to the stage and it was interesting to see the band’s previously-discussed passion materialise before the crowd. In a near-sold out venue, The band created a truly authentic and original atmosphere. Breaking the fourth wall, on occasion, lead singer Josh Raven jumped into the crowd to perform parts of the set. The connection with the crowd was incredibly genuine and humble. There’s no doubt Raven’s vocals mirror studio quality, but the selling point was the intimacy with fans. Despite everything, the band continued to highlight that without their support their dream wouldn’t be possible. For some it might sound cliché, but they tastefully pulled it all off. All in all, it was a worthy gig.

The Faim @ Bodega. Photo credit: Lydia Housham and Zoya Raza-SheikhThe Faim @ Bodega. Photo credit: Lydia Housham and Zoya Raza-SheikhThe Faim @ Bodega. Photo credit: Lydia Housham and Zoya Raza-SheikhThe Faim @ Bodega. Photo credit: Lydia Housham and Zoya Raza-SheikhThe Faim @ Bodega. Photo credit: Lydia Housham and Zoya Raza-Sheikh
The Faim @ Bodega. Photo credit: Lydia Housham and Zoya Raza-Sheikh

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