Review: King Nun @ Bodega Social Club

Written by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

01 Jan 2019

King Nun are a band with undeniable energy. Slanted Press had the privilege of catching their show, at Bodega Social Club, late last year.

King Nun’s music is not to everyone’s taste – they’re loud, intense, and rather aggressive, but they do it well. This wasn’t my first time seeing the band play live, in fact, I’d seen the band a few weeks earlier when they opened for Pale Waves. I was still interested to see if the band would just recreate their set from their previous show or try the same routine. The alternative rockers proved me thoroughly wrong. They held their own style, but it was mastered combination of messiness and violence.

Front man Theo Polyzoides stole the show with his boundless sense of energy. At one-point Theo took to climbing on top of a tall standing speaker, shirtless I might add, and suddenly leapt down to the small stage. James (guitarist), Nathan (bassist), and Caius (guitarist) offered equally lively attitudes towards their music and crowd.

King Nun have made an art of taking over a venue. I’m yet to see any other band that can channel their raw enthusiasm into a colorful performance like King Nun. From what I’ve seen, King Nun have a kind of energy that spills over into the crowd; it’s contagious, loud, and definitely worth seeing live.

Theo Polyzoides (credit: Luke Brennan)

Edited by Daryl Cecile |


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