Why We March

Written by Jonny Evans

22 Sep 2019

A national crisis shouldn’t be party political.

We march for equality, togetherness, and harmony.

History will judge us for failing to stop no deal.

We march to protect our futures and our children’s futures.

No-deal Brexit will only benefit the elites.

We march to ensure those behind it won’t getaway.

Brexit has divided the United Kingdom.

We march because 52% to 48% is not a mandate for change this drastic.

The referendum was awash with lies about our future.

We march for truth, openness, and honesty.

The youth will be most impacted by the repercussions of Brexit.

We march for those unable to vote in 2016 and those who aren’t old enough to understand

The alt-right has been galvanised by Brexit.

We march to protect the persecuted and push back against hate.

Politicians are unable to find a compromise.

We march to show that working together isn’t a bad thing.

The People’s Vote march is happening on 19th October in London. The march from Park Lane to Parliament will deliver a message loud and clear to the Government that they should trust the people, not Boris Johnson, to solve the Brexit crisis. To sign up follow this link.

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