Updates: Introducing Unsplash Images

Written by Daryl Cecile

02 Jan 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to encourage more diverse, independent and community-driven articles, we have updated our article editor

Our WYSIWYG article editor, Lens, has been updated to facilitate the adding and crediting of free-to-use images when you need to enhance your articles. To start using this feature, simply drag-and-drop the camera icon from the sidebar on the left hand side. Once you do, you will be presented with two options; search and random. The random option will automatically get a random picture to display on your article. With the search option, you can find specific images by keyword.

Any images that you embed in this manner will have attribution automatically generated, and credit for the image will be displayed in the caption. The caption for Unplash images cannot be changed. This is done to ensure every image is correctly attributed and photographers are given credit for their work.

Images added using this tool are provided through Unplash. For more information visit https://unsplash.com. All images provided through this tool come from a generous photography community, at the highest quality. Please avoid direct linking.

Credits for the article image goes to Don Daskalo on Unsplash



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